We are South Florida's premier impact window and door installer.

Broward Impact is a top-performing sales leader in the industry and provides expert installation through its affiliated company, Meadors Construction Group. With over 35 years of experience, Broward Impact specializes in custom window solutions for both commercial and residential construction. Their product line includes commercial construction entrances, windows, window walls, curtain walls, sliding glass doors, as well as interior glass partitions, frameless shower enclosures, mirrors, bullet-resistant glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass.

The manufacturers’ window and door products are fabricated, assembled, and glazed in a controlled environment to ensure optimal product performance. Glazing on the job site can be unpredictable and prone to errors due to construction debris, weather, limited supplies, and work area, leading to additional costs and delays. Therefore, having the product glazed by professionals under favorable conditions saves time and money.

Broward Impact’s products are engineered to prevent water infiltration and maintain optimal unit performance with an external wet seal engineering system, eliminating the need for a draining system. Their locking and push/pull hardware are appropriately positioned to meet ADA compliance, including the door opening width, closer, opening force, handles, and locks.

Their product offering is tested to meet the highest design loads, air and water infiltration standards, and complies with Miami-Dade, AAMA, ASTM, and the Florida Building Code. Additionally, their products feature high-performing interlayers, including DuPont, SentryGlas Plus (SGP), and Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), to provide full protection.

To ensure maximum strength and durability, Broward Impact’s products feature some of the strongest aluminum frames available, preventing bending during installation or rattling and pulling with use.

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