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Hurricane Impact Doors

You may have come across the term ‘storm-proof’ or ‘hurricane-resistant’ doors, but let us explain what it means. Hurricane impact doors are made of impact-resistant glass, which is treated with a layer of polyvinyl butral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This construction provides your home with greater protection against high-speed debris during a tropical storm or hurricane.

As your trusted windows and doors specialist in Broward County, we understand that keeping your family safe is a top priority. That’s why we manufacture the best hurricane-impact glass doors to help you achieve just that.

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Why Choose Hurricane Impact Doors

As Floridians, we know that protecting our families during hurricane season is our top priority. While we cannot control when a hurricane hits, we can choose how to safeguard our homes.

You have likely heard the term “hurricane force winds” before, but may not understand why some houses collapse while others remain standing. During a storm, these winds lift debris from the ocean, accumulating both large and small objects that become dangerous projectiles. Traditional homes with single sheet glass windows are especially vulnerable to this debris, which can destroy the glass and create a sudden pressure change inside the home. This sudden pressure change can lead to the roof blowing off and walls collapsing.

Our hurricane-impact front doors, impact entry doors, and impact exterior doors are designed with glass that helps reduce the risk of air pressure changes, ultimately minimizing the chance of your home collapsing. We also manufacture hurricane-resistant windows to ensure your entire home is protected during hurricane season.

Don’t wait to protect your home and family. We offer window and door financing to make it more manageable for you. Speak to one of our project managers today to learn more about how we can help keep you safe during hurricane season.

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Don't wait for the next hurricane to protect your home. The BEST time is now...

Our Clients Words Speak Volumes

Ken K.rated 5 star

Great experience from Joe in sales to Renee with install. The installers went out of their way to keep the dust controlled and cleaned as they went. Renee was there to handhold when needed. Project exceeded expectations, which were high. Always great to have a project completed within the promised time frame and without surprises. Thank you "Boward Impact"

Doreen C.rated 5 star

So happy we chose this company. They were professional, very timely and answered any and all questions. Rene our salesman was top notch and came out to inspect the completed job and make sure we were happy with the product and installation. They were by far the most reasonably priced as well! They hung the blinds and curtains back up and left NO MESS!!! I HIGHLY recommend Broward Impact Windows and doors!!!!

Jeffrey E.rated 5 star

Broward Impact Window & Door replaced my Front door with a hurricane French door, and did so neatly and professionally. We are very satisfied with their work and the product they sell.

Howard J.rated 5 star

What an amazing experience. Our Windows came in ahead of time and the installers were the most professional I’ve ever seen. They also completed the job ahead of schedule.

Kelley M.rated 5 star

Excellent service on everyone's part. The windows are beautiful, the install was perfect. Everyone was professional and personable. I highly recommend Broward Impact Window & Doors.

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