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Review from our customer, R. Vallina:

I was looking for new impact windows, but I was looking for an established
company that sells various brands of windows. I did not want them to sell
just one, I wanted them to educate me on what to look for in an impact
window and a sales person that took the time and had the knowledge to
explain to me how the installation was going to be done. Other companies did
not want to talk too much about the installation. I have heard and seen with
my own eyes what happened to my neighbor’s house. The windows they offered
were top of the line and at a good price. The installation of the windows
went even better than the purchase. The company’s own installers did the
work, not someone they sub-contract. Charlie and Mike did an incredible
installation, they made sure my newly painted walls were not damaged and
everything was kept clean and dust free. Before any work was done, they
would cover the furniture and before they moved to the next window they made
sure it was 100% complete. I took pictures during the whole job and it’s
simply amazing. You cannot tell the windows have been replaced, except for
having a safer, quieter, and more energy efficient home.

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